Best ways to win at Blackjack

Blackjack is by any definition a game of chance but it does require a calm level headed mechanical calculation. Lesser known traits of blackjack players include stamina, patience and an almost spiritual reverence and commitment to the winning rules. All these make the difference between winning and losing.

Contrary to the belief of them not working, both short term and long term strategies are important to winning. This following list is one of the important techniques that are sure to aid winning in blackjack.

Blackjack can be referred to as a game made up of calculated probabilities. To win, it is important to:

  • Be prepared
  • Understand the rules
  • Employ a good strategy (more info below)
  • Be logical when making decisions rather than emotional
  • Maintain calm when sticky situations appear

The below strategies are ones that have been inspired by the theory of probability, and there are only a few casino games Blackjack included where having a firm knowledge of mathematics can increase your edge over the casinos. Statistics, for example, helps in understanding probability.

An example is knowing a dealer has a probability of going bust 29% of the time if he is standing on a soft 17. That makes it easier to make an educated prediction. This is easier than say with roulette where it’s blind odds make predicting harder.

If you are interested in learning some simple scientific ways to gaming the system to your advantage and winning. The following is a must read.

Blackjack hints and best-winning ways

Thanks to its simple and stringent rules, the science behind winning at blackjack can be traced back to Blaise Pascal. A renowned brilliant scientist whose work bore the theory of probability that has since been applied to a host of casino games. Because of his in-depth, it is, few people actually take time to study it thoroughly.

For those into statistics, the statistical theory can be a lot of fun. It is however argued that overall chances of being successful thereby winning at blackjack are about 42%, the probability of winning six consecutive hands is 0.99% and the odds of getting blackjack in a six-deck shoe is just below 5%.

However, this doesn’t change the fact that one doesn’t have to be a statistical and mathematical genius to enjoy prosperous winning streaks. Understanding the foundational rules is sure to significantly switch the odds your way.

The best method to play Blackjack via card-counting

There is another method to add to the ones above and that is card counting. Understanding it only increases one’s probability of winning by a fraction of a percent. A word of caution: unless one is a professional, it cannot be counted upon to drastically improve performance.

It is imperative to note that statistical probability and the numerous outcomes come in two types of probabilities namely: Absolute and Relative probability. Absolute probability tends to refer to any outcome that happens over 50% of the time, while relative probability is referred to any outcome that happens less than 50%.

How to Pick the Best Blackjack Table

One of the more important decisions to be made in blackjack is selecting where to play. Sitting at the right table could mean you winning a small fortune. Sitting at the wrong one could equal you losing and wishing you never heard of blackjack. Blackjack, as some might believe, isn’t guesswork, to select the best table for you to play; there are a couple facets of play that need to be considered.

1. Game Rules

There are numerous versions of blackjack, so selecting the right one for you can have a massive bearing on your probability of winning. Games that require the dealer to stand on a soft 17 are preferred to those that require a draw. Single deck tables with comparable rules to multi-deck tables are known to have better odds, but it is imperative to note modifications like natural blackjacks with 6 to 5 payouts or not allowing a double down on the first two cards but only on ten or eleven. It is important to pick a table where the rules and options available are clearly understood.

2.Table Rules

Outside understanding the rules, there are conditions placed on play by the casino that must be learnt. Chiefly amongst them are the minimum and maximum table limits. I.e. if a player’s average bet is $30, it may make more sense for a player to sit at $5-$10 table to help caution wagers when the deck is spare. For a player that uses a double up strategy, finding a table that provides an extensive spread between the lowest bet and the table limit would be ideal.

3.The Dealing

There are some tables that deal the cards face up and there are those that require the player to turn them over. Also important is how much experience does the dealer have? Is it the dealer’s style to frequently interact with players, or focus on maintaining a steady momentum of gameplay? Is the dealer the type to offer tidbits to novices or prefers to leave them to learn on their own? Are the players hurried to make choices? It is important to feel comfortable with all facets of gameplay (dealer’s style, card choices, momentum) at your chosen table, if you aren’t, you should walk away.

4.Other Players

Before taking a seat at the table, a player should observe those already seated at the table for nuances. Observe how those seated play, as their choices tend to have an impact on the cards you get. You should be cautious of sitting at a table filled with distracted players, drunks, terrible decision makers and of course avoid a table full of novices who are ignorant of the rules. Find a table filled with players with the same style as you. It also helps to find a table on which the dealer’s chips seem low and those of the players are stacked. That is often a good sign to watch out for.


Playing Blackjack with Casino Bonuses

The majority of casino bonuses are primarily associated with slots, coming in a host of forms like welcome bonuses for new player signups.  Long-standing online casino players and frequent visitors are very familiar with the way table and card games have their own distinct bonus offer, usually one that serves to help you join the higher limit tables whilst saving you money.

To match the demands of Blackjack fanatics, numerous online casinos have chosen to offer a special set of bonuses aimed at targeting players that want to try their hands at Blackjack but are handicapped with a limited budget. Bonuses are very beneficial to help players qualify as a high roller if their balances do not automatically do. A couple of the most universally found Blackjack bonuses are Non-Cashable (sticky blackjack) and Cashable Blackjack Bonuses.

Cashable Blackjack Bonuses

This type of bonus can be referred to as the most renowned kind of promotion. It is a bonus that allows a player to withdraw winnings only after the wagering requirements have been fulfilled. The wagering requirement is unsurprisingly the least liked condition for getting the bonus, as a player has to wager a specific amount of money before being allowed to withdraw funds.

Cashable bonuses are usually awarded as a deposit match which then increases that player’s account balance by a specific percentage. The bonus is one that can be extended to the second, third or even fourth deposit with varying deposit matches.  Cashable bonuses are great for those with inadequate funds, as they serve as a way to upgrade the game and avail more demanding high limit tables to players.

Sticky Blackjack Bonuses

Also known as non-cashable bonuses, it refers to when a casino gives you money to play but it is in fact only “lending” you. The bonus amount cannot be withdrawn for players to transfer to their personal accounts. It is only eligible for placing bets. However the winnings generated from wagering the sticky bonus can be withdrawn, providing the amount withdrawn is more than the amount that was lent by the casino.

Sticky Bonuses, however, have their merit as they do not require any play through eligibility, making them favoured by the vast majority of online casino players. With sticky bonuses, there are restrictions on the wagering amount but for the most part are the more player-friendly of the two types of bonuses.

How to Become Eligible and Bonus Application

All a player has to do to become eligible for blackjack bonuses is to make a deposit of the required amount and then activate the preferred bonus. There are times when a code is provided by the casino, which instantly triggers the bonus and then reflects itself in a player’s balance. It is imperative to note that the funds made available can only be used for blackjack wagering, and the online casino is unlikely to recognize bets made outside of the eligible games.

Majority of casinos offer cyclical, limited available blackjack bonuses, awarding deposit free bonus blackjack cash either weekly or monthly to random casino members.

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